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Meet Kyle

Kyle Staggs, an experienced attorney at Williams Law P.A., stands out as an advocate for homeowners and business owners facing property insurance challenges.  He has dedicated nearly a decade to specializing in first party property insurance claims, helping thousands of Floridians recover what they need under their insurance policies.


Kyle received an undergraduate degree from the University of Florida before pursuing a law degree at Wake Forest University Law School. After graduating from Wake Forest in 2016, Kyle returned to the state of Florida, where he has become a trusted ally in the Florida legal community. Though he has resided in the Tampa Bay area since graduation, he is licensed to practice throughout Florida and offers comprehensive services ranging from claim filing to litigation, always with a focus on the needs and rights of his clients.

Kyle's approach to law is characterized by a blend of deep expertise and personal commitment. He uses modern, technology-driven methods to ensure efficient and accurate case handling, setting him apart from traditional legal practices. He believes the most rewarding aspect of his work is the moment he informs clients that their claim has been successfully resolved, securing the safety and security of their most valuable assets—their homes and businesses.


Outside the courtroom, Kyle's life is enriched by his family and hobbies. Kyle currently resides in Lutz with his wife, two dogs, and a cat. Whether perfecting his golf swing, engaging in woodworking, or playing tennis, he maintains a balance that reflects his dedication to both his professional and personal life.


With almost a decade of specialized experience in property insurance law, Kyle Staggs is more than just an attorney; he is a passionate advocate who ensures that homeowners and business owners in Florida receive the justice and compensation they deserve. His professional expertise coupled with his approachable and caring demeanor make him a standout figure in his field.

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