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Property Insurance Inspections in Florida: How Many Are Too Many? 

repeat insurance inspections florida property claim attorney

Can they do this fifth inspection!?!? How many inspections can my insurance company do? If you feel confused and frustrated by how your property insurance claim is progressing, read this article and then contact our firm to discuss your unique case.  

Insurance companies generally have the right to inspect your property as part of the claims process to assess the extent of the damage and determine the appropriate payout. The frequency of these inspections can vary based on several factors, including the complexity of the claim, the nature of the damage, and the specific terms of your insurance policy. 

Policyholders should be aware that their cooperation is generally required during the inspection process. This means providing access to the property and any relevant documentation or information that the insurance company may need. Failure to cooperate can potentially delay the claims process or even result in a denial of the claim. 

Have questions about navigating the complexities of your Florida property loss claim? Contact Kyle Staggs, Esq., an experienced advocate who can ensure your rights are protected at every step (or in this case inspection) of your claim.  

How Frequently Do Insurance Companies Typically Inspect for a Loss Claim?  

While there is no specific limit on the number of inspections an insurance company can conduct (Florida Statute 627.70131), they are generally expected to act in good faith and not subject policyholders to unnecessary or overly burdensome inspections. If a policyholder feels the number of inspections is excessive or unreasonable, they may file a complaint with the Florida Department of Financial Services or seek legal advice to address their concerns. 

In many cases, an initial inspection is conducted shortly after the claim is filed to provide a preliminary assessment of the damage. Under current state law, insurers must begin their investigation within 14 days of receiving a proof-of-loss statement from the policyholder. During the inspection, the insurance company estimates the cost of repairs and decides on the next steps. Depending on the findings, additional inspections may be necessary to gather more detailed information or to monitor the progress of repairs. 

For more complex claims, such as those involving extensive damage or disputes over the cause of the loss, multiple inspections may be required. These additional inspections can help to clarify any uncertainties and ensure that all aspects of the claim are thoroughly evaluated. In some instances, the insurance company may also bring in specialized experts, such as structural engineers or mold remediation specialists, to conduct further assessments. 

Do Multiple Inspections Impact the Claim Process?  

An inspection (or two) seems to be part of the insurance company's due diligence; however, when does it begin to get a bit out of hand and cause delays to restore the property?  

Unfortunately, multiple inspections can significantly impact the timeline of the claim process. Each inspection requires scheduling, which can lead to delays in the overall resolution of the claim. Repeated inspections can also affect the homeowner's daily life, often requiring them to be present for each visit, which can be inconvenient and disruptive. This can add to the stress already experienced due to the property loss. This can be particularly frustrating for homeowners who are eager to repair their property and return to a sense of normalcy. 

Multiple inspections can sometimes result in conflicting assessments of the damage. Every inspection can uncover new information or discrepancies, which may necessitate further investigation. Different inspectors may have varying opinions on the extent of the damage and the necessary repairs, which can complicate the claim. Complications can then lead to disputes between the homeowner and the insurance company. Resulting in additional documentation requests, interviews, or even more inspections, thereby extending the duration of the property insurance claim process. 

On the positive side, multiple inspections are aimed at ensuring a thorough & accurate assessment of the damage. Multiple inspections can serve as a form of checks and balances, so that no damage is overlooked, and that the loss claim is properly handled. In the case of multiple inspections, we hope that this leads to a fairer settlement offer, as the insurance company will have a comprehensive understanding of the property damage. 

Property Owners' Rights Regarding Insurance Inspections 

Insurers are generally permitted to conduct multiple inspections if necessary to accurately assess the damage and determine the extent of the loss. However, these inspections must be reasonable and not overly burdensome to the policyholder.  

Owners also have these rights during the inspection process:  

  • Florida property owners are entitled to know the reasons for inspections and to be informed of any findings promptly. 

  • Insurers must notify the policyholder within 7 days of an adjuster's assistance, allowing them to request a detailed estimate of the loss. 

  • You have the right to be present during the inspection and to ask questions about the process and findings. 

  • If discrepancies arise from the inspections, you have the right to dispute the findings and provide additional evidence to support your claim. 

Seek Legal Counsel for Your Insurance Claim 

Remember: Florida insurance companies must act in 'good faith'; therefore, multiple inspections are not to be used to unjustly delay or deny damage claims. These repeated inspections should be reasonable and necessary for the sake of the claim investigation.  

These inspections ensure that the claim is properly documented and evaluated. And our property damage law firm is on your side to ensure it goes to plan. Insurance claims can feel daunting if you're facing constant inspections, but you don’t have to handle them by yourself. An attorney like Kyle Staggs, Esq. Can provide peace of mind and make sure your insurance company is complying with all regulations and acting in good faith.  

Let’s work together to get the resolution you deserve. Contact the Florida Property Damage law firm to discuss your individual policy and claim today.


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